3 September 2007

Forever Love....(Just to Hear you that you love me)

Just to Hear You Say That You Love Me
~ Most of people are dying while listening to this song. Their souls are taken out of painfull, trumoils, doubt, untrust and hate toward each other even they block the sun (the reality of the people) and accept all lie and weakness of each other which complete each other and these bring them to a "knot". If not, why there are some people whant this song to be the background of their wedding moment? This is the beauty of country songs, at least to me. But what say you? Those higlited lines are very much mean to me and the wording is so darn superb. I use "green" to hilitght it for a reson. Why? Nah, should love be green all the time without fading in as it may be an emblem of your relationship? Have a look for this quotation "I would love you 10 years before the flood(mean the preson has ready for anythig to be with you, my vegatable love should grow faster than empires and more slow that disaster"?

If I could win your heartIf you'd let me in your heartI'd be so happy, baby
Just for these arms to be
Holding you close to me
There's nothing in this world I won't try
No limit to what I'd do to make you mine
I'd climb right up to the skyI'd take down the starsJust to be in your arms, baby
I'd go and capture the moonThat's what I would doJust to hear you say that you love me
Just to hear you say that you love me
If I could taste your kiss
There'd be no sweeter gift Heaven could offer, baby
I want to be the one living to give you love
I'd walk across this world just to be
Close to you cause I want you close to me, yeah
I'd climb right up to the skyI'd take down the stars
Just to be in your arms, baby
I'd go and capture the moon
That's what I would do
Just to hear you say that you love me
Just to hear you say that you love me
For the rest of your life
Love me for the rest of all time
Just say the word
And I'll give you my world
There's nothing I won't do baby,
just to be with you
I'd climb right up to the skyTake down the stars
Just to be in your arms, babyI'd go and capture the moon
That's what I would doJust to hear you say that you love me
Just to hear you say that you love me ,
babyJust to hear you say that you love me
Oh, I need to hear you say that you love me,
babyJust to hear you say that you love meJust say you love meJust say you need meJust to hear you say that you love me
x0x0x0x0x Josh

Placid sounds are all over you

Today, nothing much I can do. Just stayed at home and guess what all day long I was listening to country songs. Yeah, to my surprise, I never take in that it may be my “full time “menu”. Okies, but then I am listening to any kind and genre of music so no special barricade or hurdles that may hamper my ear catching processes. Nah, it is mind-boggling if you mull over that age is the eventual point of reference to take for granted what type of music might be listened by the person. Yeah for me, I love all songs, you just name it and u’ll get it but my attention will be easily grasped by country songs and some happening songs that can make me to wobble my bone and butt but then, it is not just hip hop songs can make me to make a grove but any kind of music that sounds attention- grabbing and mesmerizing. Music may edify you life and death. As the sullenness and sweetness of life are represented in the music throughout the time span. Besides, music reveals unspoken desire and interior voice to be sounded “aloud”! You can talk about something or no matter which that are which less sardonic, tongue in cheek and coarse. Yeah, that is the stunning of music which complete a life of a person at any rate any boundaries and to see some jubilation of faces while sharing the same music.You can see how people put aside their ego, social status and some social standard while eating a plate of rice together.Remember, music is like a rice of soul which makes u be more human as it helps ur soul to grow and appreicate the beautiy of ur life. Now the idea of saying that, we all human is same to each other, is working out here. Then you may think that this kind of music is the music to die for. Well, am listening to this Video clip by Tim McGraw (Live like you were dying). The wording of the song is so touching to me and thanks god for your plan of me as I can see and appreciate lot of things which are namely to love, passion, life and death, joy, sadness, and to some glaring experiences that put together me as what am today.


Faith Hills and Tim- Let’s make a love-

Nice wording tho! Well, the arrangement of the tone is so astonishing and jaw-dropping.


Yeah, if there was a legal rule to marry a song then I take a chance to marry with this song. heheh, a lame assertion of me. I ddcate this song to those who are in love, looking for new love, and celebrating their love. Love is to complete each other means you nad your spouse whould be not in the same attitude, a bit far in term of intrest but not that too far. a person called Dear One is a person to complte our weakness and to stand still to wacth and accpet all the uncertain reaction of us. Appreciate the love you when you have the time and chance. Nah, am lecturing me as well.Well, fellas, take a time to browse and listen to the above Video clips. Till then..

Xoxoxoox, Josh