31 October 2007

Life is complex yet sweet to be re-called.

Out of blue am thinking of what will I be for the next futures. OMG, am not that old yet the age is keep on moving. I have 5 more years to go to get the PhD if I am still have the passion for that aim. Okies, stop talking about school.Lat night, Alf and i went to KLCC as we were intended to watch a move but hell no! There was a robbery incident which was straight in front of us. A Proton Saga was broken in and what came to my supprise was, where the hell are the gurads? KLCC is one of very well-know places but this is highlited to be a major curicial and thwarted enviroment, especially to those foreigners! Gosh, those security bodides shoule be more prompt in order to be a real "security crew"! Cut the crap for a while. Well, nothing much happened to me today (it is Tuesday tho). Am waiting this weekend as my friends are asking me out for some clubbing activities. Huhuh..No really want to be freak about all those disco and clubbing moods but then just to enjoy the time with some friends. In fact, socialization will edify you how to distinguish the world in more established ways if you really know what I mean. Don’t just think that everything is nice as you may not know about something so this can be leant tru human interaction. So, my meeting up is not just for the sake of hanky panky (but yes it is a bit kinky) as some of us come from different background so I bet lot of things can be shared. Just don’t sit there and mix with your own group only. Believe me people, this wont help you to be out of ur boxes! Try to be ‘noninterventionist’ and recognize the distinctive elements of world by not only sitting in your ‘cozy” zone. It is roughly 4am so I guess that my bed time is just coming so before am being up to the sky, would like to which you all a very happy Wednesday fellas.