19 August 2007

Ruang Rindu......

To be honesty, i have been missing lot of people since last week. I accept this state of affiar and consider it as the beautify of human's traits which is fulled with emotion. Tears are so subjective to some extend which can be considered as the subsidary of the "raibow" of human's state. It cracks human fortification of emotion no matter how hard you try to deny it to speaks for it seft. Okies, My mood is swing and one of the reasons why i am in the such space of sorrow is because my gradmum is not that well.. I cant talk inlogic to some extend because i try to bear this from being splited out from my black "pride" and "parade". I wanna be home but then my dad says i can stay back for a while as she is pretty fine but my heart says she is weak! To be honesty, my gradmum is the person who always being my emotion and feeling sewage as i share my life stories eventhough somethime it is just a carp compared to my parents and siblings.Okies, am having my tears..now and it is just a lame proclamation to say it is a "tear", am wainting to be back as soon my things are done here. Good buddies and companies are really needed here. Okies, thanks for my side. Not to say am here knee my seft to get those sympathy but then i just try to say what i should and want to. My sis called me nd i have no ideas i was hardly to speak very well. Silent and jitters is the dominat "bulding block" in me! No words while i breath in and out seems that no sound from me. Okies, am still kicking alive here. I have some imporant reasons why i need to stay as soon as these thing are done then i will be there for not to think it "twise"! Gosh, anybody can help me to rejuvenate some positive tonics which make me be able to hit all the turmoils by using my own bare feet? Innocuous of space is n o longer cozy for me yet i have to tkae this in my own cup and taste it as a real man. YEah..be the Knigth of your seft then you are heading to the maturities of your own shell..I just need to rest and think positive here. My prays will follow my words for her. Till then, I dedicate this song to here. My love to her is not Full-stope where ever life brings my breath, i owe her for trillion of love and cares! ~ every time i speak, every step i make, as the nigh and daylight i some time forget or neglect for not to think of you, every bone i break, but here, i woo myself to keep on saying "i will be missing you"~



talk talk talk talk..but what is the next ....?

The blue is over the “cup”. Okies make this a the sub heading for today, shall we?

It may sound undisruptive to some of people yet to me tho. Out of blue I get to know that not all people will be able to being satisfied with other parties. Okies, why this can be happened to the surface? Now, I start to summon up back to the function of human’s brain (arh..am digging for some terms from psycholinguistic (psychology and linguistic-science of language) views). We have our own mental development which brings some sort of learning and thinking paving in term of entomologies, ontology and methodologies of understanding, digesting and comprehend anything which can be received by some tonics and at the end will be carried by human’ sensory either from sound or wave or via touching. Okies, Let me take from the perspective of wave stimulation and oscillation. (Psycholinguists-correct me if am wrong). So it has to be connected by the ears, sounds,brain and human..So, lets go one by one ok...

Ok, from the point of views of Physic studies- the sounds that we can hear are created briskly in the air pressure around 101,325 of atmosefera pressure which is in the consistent value and the more bigger its changes ( consistent value) the more clearly and overtly it can be heard. Sound is created when the air is being disturbed or in other word it can be imagined by having this analogy – imagine that a stone is fallen down to the clear water and we can see the waves which are created and these waves are seen in the surface. So this state of affair seems to be similar to the concept of “air is being disturbed” and the more clear the “electrical impulse” can be picked up by the ears and the function of ears is to detect those changing in the consistent value of sound. Okies, enough from this perspective. Thank god that I have to know this for my coursework readings! (sigh) . Okies the above information are about the natures of sound and now we try to understand the natures of human in order to understand and precive the sound. At the end we will be able to understand why there are some communciation problems which warp our mood in order to talk and converse in anyway?Let we consider this in order to understand some focal points about human communication..

From the prespective of language and communication, as am talking about human’s nature of conversation and my focal point is about the interaction activity, so I bring ur attention to see it from the perspective of Information organization (information-integration theory which is one of theories of human communication) and the theory centers on the way people accumulate and organize information about some person, object, situation or ideas and attitude .
An attitude is a position to act in a positive or negative way toward some projects. The information-integration theory is one of the natures of attitudes and attitude change! The theory says that there are two factors which are affecting your attitudes which are valance; refers to weather information supports your beliefs and attitudes, it has “positive” valance, and Weight; refers to the weight you assign to the information and it function to the credibility of what you are trying to say. If you have less weight than you are talking something which may be deemed as crap or nothing- someone has pointing this to me and thanks again as I am try to put thin in the line of conversation in the next agenda, i hope so.
Theory of reasoned action refers to a certain way which is determined by your attitude toward the behaviour and set of beliefs about how other people would like you to behave. So, your intention to do something seems to be identical to your attitude toward the behaviors times the strength of that attitude plus what others think times the strength of their position. Here is the formula of this theory:-

Bi = AbW1 + (SN)w2

Bi = behavior Intention
Ab = attitude toward the behaviour
SN = subject Norm (What others think)
W1 = Weight of attitude
W2 = weight of subjective norm

My contemplation regarding the information will be like this - to make these clear, you will try to respond (your verbal languages and paralinguistic cues) are very much depended and upon to your treats (let say someone tries to harm you via his or her words, you may think that you need to say “give and take” so you keen to take some precautions in order not to get innocuous tru your emotion fortification! So based on my opinion, this seems to be one of the biggest issues and comes to the surface when you and your partners try to sit in a round table, basically. Or even when you try to have informal chat- conversational or vitrual mode of interaction!

Yeah, it is quite a long time I have not been writing such ‘tense” thing as I got some comments from my readers but sometime it is good to have such reading in order to make the brain to be negative to any development of Curst which kills the brain cells and this makes us no to think more spacious upon to some circumstances. Well, the notes above are real and quoted from some of my reading material. If we understood the norm of human communication, i guess we will have less conflict and more joys when we are in the line of renjoicing and sucking than Fcukin' the beatiful of life. English literaturte says that -by taking into acount what is arisen by Psychoanalytic theory, we have Id, Ego and Superego. Normally we have ego which puts us in the "conzy" zone in order to be in logic but if the superego takes place and above all, that means the person is racing within himselft in order to be much higher than others. I can say that, because of the he tries to manupulate all the talks in order to gain some social respects while in the line of communiating with each other. Correct me if i am wrong, aigan?.If you want to have more and reading for more on the above issues or terms then just give me a Buzz..till then…Enjoy the song ....


Artist : Darren Hayes Song : Insatiable
When moonlight crawls along the street, shasing away the summer heat, Footsteps outside somewhere below, the world revolves, I've let it go. We build our church above this street, we practice love between these sheets, The candy sweetness scent of you, it bathes my skin, I'm stained by you. And all I have to do is hold you, there's a racing within my heart, And I am barely touching you. [Chorus]
Turn the lights down low, take it off, Let me show my love for you, insatiable. Turn me on, never stop, wanna taste every drop, My love for you, insatiable.
(I love these part)

The moonlight plays upon your skin, a kiss that lingers takes me in, I fall asleep inside of you, there are no words, there's only truth. Breathe in, breathe out, there is no sound, we move together, up and down, We levitate, our bodies soar, our feet don't even touch the floor. And nobody knows you like I do, coz the world, they don't understand, But I grow stronger in your hands. Chorus x 2
We never sleep, we're always holdin hands, kissin for hours, talkin, makin plans, I feel like a better man, just being in the same room. We never sleep, there's just so much to do, so much to say, Can't close my eyes when I'm with you, insatiable, the way I'm loving you.
(and these part too)

Chorus x 2 When I look in your eyes, insatiable, the way I make love with you, Oh, what can I do? Insatiable, insatiable for you.
Josh is signin' off.......