14 July 2011

it is all about a quality of time within you

A man has many sights

Hello to all gentel readerS. It is July and time flies very fast tho. It is Monday and now am blogging for a while before our weekly meeting is started. Last week was a blast yet hectic to me. A full day in house training in cyberjaya and Port Dickson, a dramatic social cycle and also a mobilization of rat race like me.

This few days were worth for me. Lots of learning and physical quality evaluation within self cubiles. I am into new things now. No more cubs and hectic social hub yet welcome to challenging activities. Recently, we had in house training and one of the events we had was jungle and hill climbing. What a day,fellas.

It is a new brand day for me to keep on moving as well as carrying along the wish and dreams that I have. Today I woke up this cordial morning and headed to the bathroom with a huge smiling on the face. What is the most interesting part in the life is to know what we are still breathing and there is a very big room for an improvement. in any means. I bet, in any means. I love to what I have, my life, my family, love ones and friends. I love to what I am doing now even though it might not sound great as other yet I still cherish every single step of my journey to the PEAK of life! Oh gosh, it is so remarkable. No sign of middle age crisis for me! Okies, peep, need to head to work, and I see you guys in National Tax Conference, KLCC.

In the midst of chaos, my pembuat kek shows me her concern toward our companionship and she expresses it naturally yet outstanding emotional embroiled! A soft lovely Bunny with a heart therapy- a coco for me from her. 'Em make me truly drooling man.Tell me, how am i going to stay without this symbolic love print? All i want is to say that "HAPPY BESDAY TO YOU Babe, and i need you"

till then,
xoxoxo Josh