14 October 2007

What is my sunday all about?

Hai peeps. It is the second day of Eid. Hope those who are celebrating it will get pleasure from the celebration to the fullest. Today I went out with a friend of mine-Andrew. As he went out today, so tomorrow, as in “token” to his wife, he will take care of their home as his wife will go out with her friends. Great deal huh? Today, we went to The Garden. It is a new mall which is beside Mid-Val. The atmosphere and vibes are so out of this world. It is not that huge as Mid-Val but then I love the art and decoration of it. Compared to The Berjaya Time Square, The Garden has my big applause and it is much more sophisticated and can be called as a “chocolate box “ which represents the aura of this contemporary gilding and beautification.Okies, here are the pics:-

I love this vibe.The littel lights on the roof make reflection to opposite walls. Sorry coz i forgot to snap some of the walls as my proof. Well, overall this is what i call as an art.

The bridges are too cool!But i feel insecure and my heart was throbing drasticly while standing or walking on it as it seems to be not solid and flimsy coz i can hear the sound as it was crack.

I would like to give an immense appraisal to those architects but not to those engineers. Why? Okies. Let’s cut this crap. As today was raining all day long, The Garden has been leaking for quite long which the rain was pouring and flowing via its roof and also the ceiling flames. OMG, can you imagine how danger it was? Not to mention as the flames were on! In fact, we were having our tea time in the café which is near to the leaking. Okies, here is the proof;-
MINUS the butt, can you see the leaking? Too bad to have big dusbins ( they were clean and not used to be a disposal disbin tho) in the midst of glamorious and nice vibes while having great meals.

Gosh, it is so perilous and will jeopardize those who were at the ground level. By the way, The Choic (If I am not mistaken) café also has two sections which are divided into two part portions- inside and outside. So those who were having their meals at the outside were a bit pissed off because of the unpleasant bombshell. We had a nice English breakfast and I like its so called – sushi (it has it name actually but I cant remember its exact name). The salmon is darn cool appetizing. Okies, here are the pics:-

The cafe is decorated with a modern touch but the services are too weak as they have less staffs! Such a bad contradiction which agiants its beuatification! It is a lame tho!

It has mix of expression here.

This is the English breakfast which are taken during the late evening. Sounds not that practical to have it in such time huh?Overall it has my words- Sweet tho as I love the pink pudding.

After we had our tea time, then we walked to man’s department at some of boutiques. No mega sale ladies and gentlemen. So sorry for that. But guess what, I noticed that Hugo has its new collection- Hugo Selections. It has nice and sweet smell tho. Some of the outfits are reasonable but still not that worthy!

I'd rather to get close to the mirror than killing my heart to do some window shooping for those grand outfits.OMG, my snikers are cool tho! Just over realize (do we have such word in English? ;p) about them. No harm ya.

In my way back to my place, gosh I am figuring out about something here- why there are so many foreigners here? Are they legally come in to Malaysia or another way round? Are we having the concept of American Dream where the dreams are every where and people can have it with their own dream machineries..Being here with untidy stance will makes us to be a scapegoat in the eyes of those “first class” forigners. Oh ya, I went to MPH today and I saw an interesting book – “If from third class to 1st class”. No harm for these people to be here but it would be much beter if they can be a bit tolerate (even somethime there are to bitchy even local people have the same attitude.) What ever it is, just achive our dream and do not hamper other to achiver theirs too. Be abit tolerate and responsible to the city and please DONT throw the rubish all over the place and please be a bit concern while in public transports! DONT just rush in or hop in for not considering about other too! Dont be such a jerk and dumb-ass.Well, the book will help us to be more susceptible to the nation of being a modern people of a third world class. Are we still swollen with pride with this remark? I let this to all of you to comprehend it from your own level of indulgent about such ideology. Okies then, since I have no words to nag here so I guess it is a time for me to sign off. Will cater you guys with lot of info with some proofs (pictures are enclosed here). Sayangi Malaysia.

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo (the longest hugs & kisses i ever had in this blog)