18 October 2007

Be out of your own box, please!

Yesterday, my housmate and I went to Sg wang to fix his Handphone. Then we went straight to the Pavilion. It is so nice and cool mall. Impresive than Berjaya Time Square or Suria KLCC. I mean the shopping complex. Yeah, I am proud to see Malaysia is getting much more advance in term of architecture or enginnering even it may bring or import some of foreign workers, for sure. Thumb up to all Malaysians. Today is almost prefect to be called as a bit dim. Nothing much can be done. Woke up at 12am as i had slept around 6am. Then I went straingth to the bathroom, bathed, did some laundries, then went to have some food for dinner. The weather is still overcast and it makes me not that prolific enough today. About my writing, I am almost fine with some corrections. It is just to recheck some reference pages which must be not left out and should not be taken lightly as that may jeopardize your accountabilities to act upon your intellectual expression.

A usual, I will spend a day to read some journals. Today I read some attention-grabbing yet sound to be frighten issues which are related to human delivery process. OMG, I cant believe how hard will it be. I did comprehend some of the techniques to realize, to be sensitive to the need of preggy (it is a jargon here- pregnant) ladies, and how to take over the situation where there is no medical supports and personnel. Besides that , the online learning does edify us how to be aware of and read the ultrasound in order to identified the sex of a baby. Okies, am not that good but then at least we know something about some pieces of this unique knowledge. Belajar sampai ke Negara China. Hehe. That saying may be counted to the best drive to the ideology of having “masyarakat madani” aka Glocal Citizen.

Talking about masyarakat madani. It is a good word to start mode of 2020. Many things can be considered as a focal point while we are accrosing the Malaysian's civiliation here. Many issues to be addressed. Okies, lets start with some agenda here. Today people busy to keep their eyes on the our astronaut. As a Malaysian and UKM-fella to the astronout, I am so proud of him. Regardless age, gender, social status, race and believe, we should be able to shore up the concept of integrity and do not look at the negative side while we try to build the nation more than ever to put Malaysia in the line of prestigious arena. I am a bit pissed of while reading some comments on the astronaut. A bloody and stupid fella who gives his commnet on the your tube says that , the astronaut is doing something which not good as he is sitting together in a rocket with those Christians. Why dont he just takes care of his asshole rather than keep on nagging something which may sound stupid and fucking absurb!!!He is aint that smart to say so. His asshole is too smart over his brain. Hey, am a Christian but all this while I never take this state of affair (age, gender, social status, race and believe) to make friends or limit my boundaries to get close with anyone yet I prefer those who can think and act GLOCAL. OMG, if we were having such accepted wisdom and stupid attitude. So how long will Malaysia takes to be in the same bulk of international norm? Will we be remain in the cycle and series of having 1st class facilities and 3rd class mentality? If we were in this kind of mentality then will we be able to get the real objective to be a modern country?or we just hit the date line (2020) but the concept of “masyarakat madani’ will never ever reach the society! God darmn it! People, could you please don’t be so bias and do something that may hamper the concept of integrity? Let's be bounded up together in order to move from the old paradigm to the new and fresh era which may not harm to any of us! Be fair, be cool, and don’t be so optimistic yet be a bit more realistic as it will teach and funnel us to be charitable to each other. Well, we are Malaysian so just keep this at the safe tone- Be peace always!

x0x0x Josh