31 March 2009

Invigorate my youth...who eles?

Holla gentle readers. How are ya feelin’ right now?

Sorry for the “silent” of my writing. Yes, am in KL now since 19th March 2009 until now which is 29th March 2009. My holiday here with “pembuat kek” is so exquisite. Now, both of us see eye to eye to have a vocation every month to get to be acquainted with nice place and foods. Yes, experiences that we have will keep both of us close to each other despite the consequences how far we are. Due to my working days, by a hair's breadth, for me to pampered my self with something that I like. What’s more, am to far with “pembuat kek”. So, every month I will fly to KL due to the my business trip and also for making love. (wink wink). Nah, it is just a short break for me to invigorate my mind and spice up my motivation.

Ok, enough said! About the intro of this entry and am going to share about what I have got during this short break. On 20th march 2009, “pembuat kek” and I went to PD at evening and we have a night stay over there. All the way we tried to get a resort to stay we had “durian” session. We didn’t take it away but we had it straight away at the side of the road (as the stall is selling it near to the road). WOW! The felling was so fantastic not only because of the taste of durian but then the significance we had while eating it. Just fresh and right from the dealer. (wink wink). We ate 3 durians and they cost us around rm70. Nah, don’t mind the price but then am too scrupulous to the value I have instead of sucking the taste of it. Haha.. Once you have the spending power then the rest is just a petite thing to you. Fuh..i love every single drop of those moments. Sorry coz I didn’t incarcerate the imagery. On the next morning we went to the beach and get our self a fresh salt jakuzi under the sweet and lovely sunshine. Gosh! The feeling was so beautiful!The at 1130pm we checked out from a resort. We straight away had our breakfast at Bangi Kopitiam in PD. Bangi Kopitiam in PD? Yes it is and it is simply just like a contemporary kiosk. Gosh, the taste of its cuppa and the roosted bread is darn cool. Oh ya, at night we had dinner at a stall near Bangi Kopitiam and its western foods are so tremendous. Again, the feeling we had at that night was so great! Having meal while the weather was heavily rain. We ordered Mixed gril (chicken, fish and lamb also with some fresh vegetable and the sauce) The flavor was so great tho!A plate will cost you just about Rm20. Both of us odered the same meal. For the drink I ordered peppermint shake with coco. It is just rm 15. but the taste is heavenly. nah, regardless the price again..the value is the most imperative thing to me. So those who are interested, you just go PD and the stall is near to Sri Malaysia Hotel. We arrived at Bangi around 1pm. After that I need to get ready to go to KL coz I have something to be sorted out with my partners bussines in crime. Wow, my days are full even I’m in a vocation. That why pembuat kek said, even in vocation, my phone will never get to know the meaning of “real vocation”. I guess I have to divulge that “word of wisdom” to myself..hehehe

Ok, enough bout that,the next morning pembuat kek and I went to Midvally megamall. We went to watch a movie- The international, and the movie was so dull. By the way, before we watched the movie, we went to our most wanted “makan spot” which is at Madam’s Kwan. The ambiance is so nice tho. And again, regardless the price janji hati puas with the value. Agree? Yes our days we packed and full but we enjoyed every single drop of the moments. Why both of us so energetic? Here is the secret…

Tada….De-Tox Kinohitmishu......We are the best consumer to consume this product…keep healthy and keep bouncy all day long! It is just Rm 19.90 je. It consists 14 tea bags. It is good to clean ur stomach and improve its alignment. Oh ya, i'll put the pic latter ya. My pen drive cant retrive it at this moment.

All the way pembuat kek and I at KL Central coz I wanted to buy a flight ticket, she bought me this…the teddy is not that cool but can you sport the wording? Yes sometimes the phrases” I love you” doot really work or mean by talking it every single second compared to the attitude both couple especially the way the manifested the phrases.

Talking about healty food, now am taking herbs leaves (daun pegaga). To maintain my youth! Here is the testimony. This is ayam penyet and its sambal is so fucking awesome I ever have. Can u see the lime juice? It has no sugar and I asked for more limes- mind you. Reduce the cholesterol and to keep the tummy firm as it could. Ayam penyet just cost you around RM6 je.but the taste is cool. The place is near to Family Café in Kuching, near to Tabuan area. Forgot the name of the place- excuse me.

Talking about foods, here is one of my favorite healthy meal- Kepala ikan noodles! Some where in Kuching but the place is around BDC.

Today, pembuat kek and I went to Sg Gabai which is near to hulu langat area. The place is fantastic. We had the picnic without any proper or early plan. And yes, am talking about the value that we have. So here is the picture of me posing at the sence( “tempat kejadian”).. Pembuat kek refused to be my muse in this blog so I agree then.

Not that ready to be snapped.

The “roads that are not taken”…( it is a poem’s title)

Kinky sence….

This pic was taken when I climbed Gunung Gading at Lundu, Sarawak on 30 January 2008.

The striking scene at Gunung Gading – 7 waterfall.

The virginity of the nature

U can smell the sweet nature right to ur nose! No contradiction to that!

By the way, this is one of my favorite books. I read it for twice. I learn how the universe of “adult’s financial” works then this book is the answer to ur wish,people- especially those who think by working hard and being a good hard working employees then u can get super duper rich.

Me….missing someone….oh ya, that is the new watch I bought for my self and match to my new look..heheh..ala, it is just a Polo Club je.

Just be at work agian ....huhu... Till then, happy reading and have a nbice day ahead people.

x0x0x0, Josh