29 November 2012

Happy Faces are around so why should you be sad?

Good day people,

It is a wonderful day and i am so grateful to what i have, and again, i do have another opturnity to share all of my sensible and irresistible  joy that i have had. A wise man says  "Joys … like angel visits, short and bright —John Norris

So, in order to you feel the joy regardless you are ups and downs, we are always what we are. Be grateful to what we have. Leap and bounce helps us to grow across time and space and embracing ourself to the real meaning of what joy is. So for that, just get your self calm down and  try to comprehend this exultation act:-

Life is short 

Break the rules 
forgive quickly 
love truly 
laugh constantly 
And never stop smiling 
no matter how strange life is 
Life is not always the party we expected to be 
but as long as we are here, we should smile and be grateful.

  (Hi, I'm Mr. SYNERGY who is fighting and conquering.He is our icon during the wealth planner training- can you spot my name?)

So, this is our picture of this month. It is the month of jubilation as we are welcoming the Xmas! Come, let's be gay and rejoicing the session. It is a season for all to be happy and marry and just leave you worry as you have nothing leave.If you might forget how to start to open your heart to let go and get in what you may want in life, you just need to have a glimpse to this Mr. Synergy then close your eyes closely and you will automatically will get your self relax and there you go, the power of appreciation of what you have in life will get in thru you and it will balance your ego and id, your confident and inferiority in what ever means of life you may walk with. Mr. Synergy is a person who will always "sustains: the positive being of you, upholds your driven to the maximum level  persistently  and also incurs the ability of your driven to be merged with all elements of life to the fullest.

Talking about worry, one more thing i learnt from the session is, worry is always lives with you no matter how far you go yet it is only can be controlled by the power of mind. I'm talking about the visible power which has a great impact of changing

When you lack of "SYNERGY" you will not find yourself back to the reality as what you ever wished.


 Just be what you are, no denying of what you capable of and open your self to the universe. You will find the light of hopes, joys and self believing.Spread the thought that you to actions and this will eventually wipes you worries. Law of attraction is a magnetic of power to attract those positiveness which are swirling around you and vice versa. Just believe it and apply it to every stage of your life either your are ups and downs.When you are in the state of sorrowful, just have you self a space then look ahead, in your heart, you shall see that in the truth you are weeping, unconsciously for what which has been your delight

It is just that, you yourself who is the Commander of your light searching. A guide for you is simple,just that keep this thought - as each day comes to us refreshed and anew, so does your gratitude renew itself daily? The breaking of the sun over the horizon is a sign of becoming so grateful of a heart dawning upon a blessed world, even that in the midst of sailing-vessel your believing in the sea of the cold world, you will always get back to your self if you have a chance to be Yourself + love yourself more + apply the power of Law of Attraction.