6 July 2007

Is life sounds cazy?

Crazy life but it makes my world from nothing to something!

Hi fellas, the weather is a bit temperate, could be around 36 Celsius – I’m referring the environment in my room, not that hot and not that humid I guess. So nice and this can be a cool motivation to patch up the bad mood (gloomy) that I have. Okies, was too tired last night. I went off to bed around 1am. Mind you, that it was quite earlier ya. So I ended up around 830am, today. Am listening to Michael Bubble” Everything. The song sounds pretentious to me. Even it sounds simple in wording but then it can inspire you enough. What ever it is, I guess u should try to listen to this song.


Listening to this song, I am so keyed up.Hehe, yeah nice huh but then seems that Bubble drunk in this concert. What ever it is, he has the great sound as Beningfield, Blunt, Neo and to some few names. Okies, today not that chaotic and hectic to me but then I took quite a long nap coz the mind was get squeezed . Yeah after this will help my friend to move out. Well, at least I can sweat out and also no tense. Oh ya, I have nice a unique song tho :Rock Steady by All Saints. The video clip seems to be weird but then believe me, it has a very great " unravel meaning” inside the video clip. Okies, here we go:


Some people couldn’t get the video but u can simply notice that it talks about social segregation- Black and white aka Money and penniless , rich and poor, clean and dirt. Okies, am going to talk about this overtly so I let this to ur own contemplation. U can notice that those who are in the bank (in the video) are well attired and intricate- social segregation. So this can tringle something to ur head. The title rock steady- might give u some ideas which come to facet as the “silent” boy is just a trick who is a “silent” killer of “drama” and this can embody the idea that never look down on those small things around you as they are more resilient than you are. In the real world, be ware of those small problems that may kill you time by time. Once u grasp it, then no use to be repentant. This may sound like cancer but then might be poles apart in other representation of the way both of them show aggression toward human’s epidermis but at then end u can feel the pain. Just picture this, in the beginning of the video clip, you can see that a boy looks darn mercy but then none of them give him an attention – the old woman fawns at him and she never expects that at the end of the day the boy gets what she has. In this video clip (as u can the beginning of the song, u can see the word “ all sinners”. The Girls (All saints) and the boy is the angle of death-Come with white but restored some black passion toward those human with the aim- we will take what u have. In this video, you can see that the blood over the white..” the black blood, indeed. What does this mean to you? i wont tell my intepretation as i need urs to re-shape to what am saying here. Nice thing to be awared off.Try to ask yourself , does ur cozy living is based on other misery? So, no wonder it the “dark” comes to you with the “blood” too. Or this can be sounded as sacrifices? Scarifies other heart? This sounds pathetic am I right? To get what you want is to scarifies something that might have value – blood is the emblem of birth (is the birth is a great value to you?); no blood no life occay! Mean taking other blood is aslo taking other life? People thing red might be taboo and ot may people can stand with its smell (so do i) but then, they never know how imperative is it to the circulation of human’s ( or might be other creatures) generation. So this can be the symbol of living? symbol love? Okies, why we keen to color or image that when we are talking about love we will draw the shape of heart in red even sometime it will be pink (most of the time, instead of black or yellow?So, if the “red” is taboo to ur feeling, why we need to show our valentine in the red way?may be some people may do this. Now relate the important of blood to human, to organ and anything else that can bring u life or anything that u think can bring u to "life" and "live". It is valuable right? Taking other “blood” will give u pleasure? In the sense that, to get the best we need to sacrifice others? So people, beware of what u have as many thing u will get then no harm to give. Mind you. This can be seen as the groups sinner and saint (human keep on thinking that they are much better than other so they keen to forget than this world is not that flat as they think) are fighting to get the idea of “timeless”. In this idea of timeless- there is a big paradigm to be shared with as these two groups are having common ground- life and death. So appreciate what u have and to end this up, enjoy the song (by clicking the link below), this may give u a space to remember who have u hurt and people that might need space to get out from interaction or toher functional ideologies. The theme of what am talking about is - Soceity is the weapon that may harm other life and this can be similar to what Durkhem(antprologist) says- ANOMIE. People get kill becuse of their society. So the "sucide theory" come to the facets. Well, am not having antropology as my background of studies but i do read some of its books as it has strong relation to Development Science which is my major. How u can have a good development project if there is no strong basis between human with the chances (projects,landscape, enviromental, spatial surrounding and technologies) as inside the human's norm there are so many complictions and less intergrity as thi leads to "polarization" in any levels of human's pramid. Well, what i can say is, appreciate life as it is shot and never underestimate other because they are too small so u can take for granted from them. Till then, crazy life is a joy as everything under the sun is crazy. The more crazy u will see, the more critical ur mind get to scrutinize it. Clik the link below and see how people in the video show their "true" sympathy to others as we can notice that some of them are pretending to be look good in the video but some of them are really frank.Okies, excuse me ladies and gentelmen, over as i need a room to breath..

Xoxoxoxo, Josh