27 September 2007

Landscaping is a wide spectrum across the universe…

We are living in the big space which may be accompanied by some other elements of earth (water, fire, air and wind). These makes the universe seems to be so exceptional and matchless especially when we are talking about living things, Human per se. I am looking and searching something which sounds paranoid or paranormal to all of you. Bermuda triangle, UFO and USO- uninditified Subemerge Object, are something that am intended to know with more detail. Talking about these, I do believe that we are not living in this world alone as there will be some other creatures who are walking along with us or may be breathing the same air with us. We are living not in a condensed space so there might be some possibilities to have them together with us. I have browsed some information on the internet but I rather believe on National Geographic Channel coverage because it seems less fake compared to the way it represents the details. This is one of the beauties of the universe. Not to say am too freak about them but then as am looking and searching for some information about them makes my mind to see things from many other aspect and wont accept thing without any solid elucidations. Nah, searching and reading about them is just a hobby for me and it is become a light reading to me tho. At least I can make my reading becomes more myriad and diverge from previous type of reading by expanding the scope of reading interests. Now I am so keen to read up about landscape. It could be nice if I were from landscaping or architectural background. If I had a house I would like to have a touch of Mediterranean style or Modern Contemporary. But for the kitchen decoration, Classical English will be better I guess where we can see lot of ceramics and some inconsequential plants which give u a great touch and mood while having your meal. Yeah it is just a imagination for future plans and will keep the aim of having such beautification till the day comes to the surface. ;p

x0x0x0x0 Josh

Dry rose is so unique isnt it?This is one of my classical Collection interm of some Cosmic Pictures.Just take them as my light hobby to appreciate any thing under the sun.

Dangerously in love

Nice song..love the vibes of the show and stage! Nice indeed. Well, i think beyonce has a bright potenital to move over and seek for stary-stary daylight achivment. Nice and well done to her.Her words are so mean to all situation regardless time and context!