1 March 2010

a compilation for my all

What knocks my concentration while working?

Am doing my translation project while blogging. To be exact, am translating Education Research Handbook. Out of blue I have a mood to blog but in a blue mood. Am a bit sentimental tonight. Am listening for my Mp3 at this moment- sempurna by Andra and Backbone. The song reminds me about si pembuat kek. Gosh, am speechless. Totally missing her so much. Pembuat kek is waiting for her posting at any Institut Perguruan as pembuat kek has just finished her Masters’ degree, beyond a shadow of a doubt nearby with her place. I have just been informed by pembuat kek that JB has no vacancy for the position of lecturer at any Institut perguruan. I hopefully pembuat kek can be transferred to Kuching.that means that I would be less be in KL.hehehe.

Pembuat kek plans to do her PhD by next year. I hope we both can be graduated at the same time, it would be wonderful and drama while doing, surviving and completing the PhD together.(wink-wink). While doing my work and facing the laptop, it recalls some of my memories which were few years back. I feel that at this moment, am struggling so much as what I encountered when I was in my form 6. I still can remember while studying for the STPM, I did have some times to imagine how the life is, while in a university. Gosh, the eyes are tired as now is 4am in the morning…3more chapters to go as I am done whit other 3 chapters. This project worth 3k..huhuhu..sabar-sabar…

…..a day after……

Yesterday I finished my works at 4am in the morning. Now, am in office early at 10.30am as I had a rendezvous with a client…not only him but he did bring along his family together as they are intended to try the electric field therapy. After I arranged their time and treatment services, then only me and his daughter were sitting alone in the waiting room. What comes to my surprise, the daughter was a doctor but due to the tired and hectic working environment, then she quitted and applied for Kursus Perguruan Lepasan Ijazah for primary school training. Life is always like that, I do believe that a thing happens does have a reason.I believe on that phrase.

Few weeks later…….

Now, am on my way from bintulu to kuching. Well, I have been in bintulu for 4 days for business purpose. Well, this is a “so called kick start” visit as we are doing “database” for our market and also searching for a new good fengsui for our new outstation center. Really can’t wait for that. 4 days in bintulu were considered as an immense experience for three of us- Maria, Zack and I. Thanks to Fedy&Sandra, Peter and Paren and also not forgetting to Mr. Eggong and family. Thanks for the companionship and your kidness while we were in bintulu. We really feel that we are in home! Will be here again. Well, am feeling so hetic yet fun. Too much of laughing, meeting up and chating with friends and clients make us grap the sense of joyfulness and this business trip is not considered as business purpose yet to be considered as making friends! Am so greatfull for what I have now. The family, friendship, love and joys that I have would be a wonderful gift tom me. What is the new resolution for this year?Talking about resolution would be the most scary or jovial to some people. Well, to me? I want to complete my previous resolutions:-
a. To do my PhD passionately
b. To be loved and give more love
c. To have blessed life and health
d. To successful in my own Biz
e. To be more outstanding that before
f. Be more erudite than before
g. Starving for reading
h. Do some investment on solid asset
i. Travel to Hongkong, Bejing and Eroupe?care to join?
j. Own a mini center to serve communities

I hope that all these would knock my reality “nightmare” very-very soon! Till then, bill blog again as that I have no idea at all.Good night people and have a nice day ahead..remember, do keep all loves alive and always love the civilation of humanities till ur butt drops..