2 January 2009

Happy new year fellas...

hai all.
happy new year 2009 to my sweet readers. What was ur new year celebration? How did u celebrate it?No matter how was it or how did u celebrate it,there will be one common thing which makes us "0-0" to each other which is- new resolutions!

Well, with a new year and hope ti will bring lot of hopes and joys compared to previous years. But then, never forget the previous years no matter how bitter they are coz without the past we wont be in the present. In fact we grow because we have full of human's essentials with us regardless sweetness or bitterness journeys of life. So, here i adhere the pics i took during my besday and 1st year celebration with you guys. I just let the pictures speak for themselves.

these pics were taken during new year eve or aka my birthday...So, before we did anything else, we feed our stomach 1st then i had this nasi lemak at The Cottage Bakery in Metro Plaza kajang with full of my heart's content. The taste was heaven!!

Then we headed to Metro Point Kajang to have some funs. So 1st, we went to game center. We payed King hammer so here was eron's point...
Here is mine...But so sorry coz forgot to take a snap for fir's result.I am still the hero with the highest point among all of them!

Then, we were be in a music box for 3 hours.The ambiance is cool and not seems to be cheap coz it facilities are quite similar to re box in KL.In fact, with such cool and kind of cozy facilities, it offers you only only rm3 per hours. Lunch or dinner also being provided by the music box! Actually did snap some pics when we were in the music box but then in fir's camera and i promise will post it here later on k.So we took 3hours and we had a free jug of soft drink and can be refilled some more! I had this coco-creamy drink.

And, we had this kind of sweet "popiah". 60 cent for each. The taste is so fucking delicious!

Then, after being 3hours in the music box with mixed feeling- cool, shivering, hungry and tired, so we went to a FISHO Spa..kinda cool tho. It costs you only rm30 per 40 mins. But it has special promotion for December. If you had the promotion package, you will have to pay rm15 and your legs by being bitten of the cutey fisho for 20mins.. Me and fir took the challenge so eron just being a witness for this fantastic feeling... the feeling of being bitten is kind of ticklish and laughter arousing!

this is me...i cant really be focused coz it was so ticklish!

my sweet lovely foots

mine again!
this is fir.
fir's outer abdomen..(hehehe)

so sweet huh?

Eron with a smile

can u see and spot his round pack?so sweet...(hahahaha)

eron with a kinky style...huh, what a man tho!

ok fellas, i will update more with new pictures. i guess i will stop now. Hope that this coming new year will bring us lot of joys and prosperities and being blessed to all of us! stay cool and peace ya.

xoxoxo, Josh