9 November 2010

a healthy attempt

Today i was eager to have my self a DIY checkup.

Thanks to private consultant: so called Dr. DIY aka David

Due to my hard struggle..yes a very uphill struggle and by the end of such thrilling struggle, so i managed to get these results:-
age: 27 YEARS YOUNG weight: 67kg( with a full dress up)

a. Body fat percentage: 17.8%
b. Body water percentage:60.2%
c.Visceral fat rating:8
d:Basal metabolic (daily calorie intake:1587) an adult man supposes to have in about 1500 calories per day) (metabolic age:23 years young)
e. Bone Mass : 2.9 kg

so, my target is to get a perfect and a goose-bump figure for this coming Gala Dinner and Dance. Mari expresskan dirimu( come and express yourself to the fullest). So, keep your self hale and hearty and trounce the others.

xoxoxo, Josh