16 October 2007

Kisah kelasik untuk masa depan

I was on my bed at 4am after watching 2 movies for almost 3 consecutive hours. I watched Date movie- gosh, it is so irony yet uproarious and then the next menu was Prefect Stranger- darn, the movies made me a bit mystify when I came to its end of resolution lines. I was not in the mood of writing yesterday so I spent my time to sleep and hook up with housemates. Yeah, they are my buddies at this time being as my batch are not around. Nah, how I miss my undergraduate batch here. Schooling is for everyone! I was woke up again by a sms- from Jlo aka Idok..hey peeps, it is not a food which may taste as cenkodok ok. if it was a food then it more fucking tastier that it. Darn! Jlo told me about having the sense of missing all members. She said hardly to have such buddies nowadays. Yeah bitch, to form a friendship takes time yo! Not to mention, it costs you lot of “give and take” availability! Well, everyone has his or her own out of the ordinary company but mine is fcuking overwhelming! I have some reasons in order to be a bit conscientious to what am I trying to say publicly about my buddies. Why: we are fun but sometime will be able to get into the mode of semi – retarded when we want to fall someone into our jokes! How: I guess the chemistry to be able to get retarded together is the hot button here and this makes us be able to be on the same wavelength to each other PLUS we are so “close to home’ among each other. We were not that so nerd and always pay the visit to the library just for sake to get close with notes or books tho. Well, while being in the library, i do remember how 'bitch" the girls who are from my team. Jlo, if u are reading this, just take a minute to think about what u have done last few years back to me.Do you feel the sense of guilty knocks your heart? hehehe. Darn!!Studying is not about to passionate about notes and books which may hamper you to enjoy the life and some crazy jokes with some crazy friends yet a bit brainy. So the brain will get balance “pro and contra’ chemistry toward the universe reactions which may result some resilient acuity towards other human’s behaviour.When we was in school. I do still remember that there were few NERD classmates who were get tense with you as we were to loud. Well, at least we were still in the list of being “occay’ while in the examination. Hehehe. I do still remember the time when we had our semester breaks, we used to have some communion and chat all night long. We talked about our university life and the most only one of its kind thing is - our sharing and caring can be seen unilaterally as we share about anything even sometime those sharing are crap. Well, these can be called as ‘kisah kelasik untuk masa depan”. Doesn’t it sound cool huh? Then, Ilat told me that just be prepared to pubs at this end of year. I wish all of us will be there and be clustered as we were. Need to do a reunion in the worst way here! Someone may have be chairman to make sure all the gathering progresses come smoothly as planned. No, as the age is on its move to the next, then most of us are relay “on the job” except me, I mean at this time being. Well, will nag later as I need to invite the novice – Jlo in my friendster. Will catch ur eyes latter with some craps ya. Well fellas, do listen toGraduation- Vitamin C. I dedicate this song to all people around the globe especially to my friends and not forgetting to my silent readers. Let's recall some old good days together, shall we?

x0x0x0x, Josh