14 August 2007

Head Up young Boys

Yeah...just feel like to write the title as the above. Feel a b it gloomy tho but am tryin' not to keyed up or sarrow when the circle of life comes to hit you. Now am thinking, if we are happened to be in such phatos mood then, head up young boys and girls. This is a life. Starting now on, i Would like to shout that " Make the life becomes easier" Okies. I feel much release and better now after gaining some helps and inspirations from some friends. They even give me a call and buzz. I am podering that where is the love one when we are really in the "cul-de-sac" angle? Well, this is the reality.I will make sure that my life is neither a simple crap nor cheap!. Well, Thanks for some of my close companies...i give u all a humble appreciation- Thanks a lot guys. Josh!!