30 January 2008

Counter tenor Vs Soprano VS falsetto

Well, I guess most of you would try to figure them out by what are calling as Counter tenor or soprano? Ok, if am saying soprano straight to your ears then what will trigger out in your mind? would they be, Sarah Brightman? David DQ Lee?Andreas Scholl,or Vitas or Ning baizura?or few people that you may know who are related to the analogy of soparano thing. So how about Counter tenor? Before we move on to the entire of this blog (as am writing and creating the entire of it now) I am proudly allege my self that for me Soprano or Counter Tenor is something to die for! I am the hard die fan for this kind of mild-mannered music! Well, I do admire those who can hit some of notes with the head voice instead the chest voice. What is chest voice and head voice? Well, I let u know in shortly.

Well, based on my humble knowledge regarding to these kind of sounds, soprano is the same thing as counter tenor. Soprano is to be called or categorized as Female voice, which is also known as head voice. However, Counter tenor is referred to a man who is using his head voice. Head voice is a voice that is produce thru the head (yeah , the voice is passed via oral cavity but the way it is projected will totally end up with different kind of sounds) rather that the chest. If u are talking, the voice that is projected comes from your chest rather than the head. To have a richer , fuller and rounded sound especially to have the falsetto a.k.a head voice, is not that easy especially when you are doing the transmission of the sound (from chest voice to head voice or vice versa). It will need to have some tricks when u are getting scrawny and tired during the state of affair of hitting some notes using falsetto or any kind of high notes using chest voice. But Head voice is so much thrill to me. Most people don’t really , especially not all people like the way Ning Baizura sings a song. Well, she is one of the courageous and plucky singers to me as she comes out with unique voice and this is her originality. To be a prefect singer doesn’t mean you need to have a high voice as we people usually expected from their favorite singers. Nah, by having the ability to play with some tricks when u are tired in the midst of projecting your voices, the sounds should be fuller and richer and more rounded (the perquisite of having these elements, you need to improve and work hard on your diction (earing skill is required here)especially when the end of sounds are consonants), not too nasal – the sound comes from your upper oral cavity as the air is pushed by your tongue or the movement of your epiglottis is not that right to the correct position ) but if you are having nasal voice than you can adjust the voices that u are projecting by control your jaw movement. Fuh, am not that a professional in this kind of thing but just a slight idea coz am driven by the higher enquiry of human’s voice. To those who are expert in this kind of field, do correct me if am wrong and am glad to have your comments, dear my silent readers.Thank god, basic understanding about English phonetic and phonology when I was in my undergrad session helps me, at least, to react to the sounds around me.But hey, i cant sing well but in case you want to join me in a bathroom, so am glad to entertain you will the very best i am. Just that dont try to be or pretending to be suffocated while am serving you with the voice of mine coz any harm which is uponed to the preformace will not be granted by any special treats from me due to the attempting of mine. People, sound makes your view of world to me more complete as it is going along to the color of the god’s creations. Well, people, enjoy the song ya. I love the voice of David Lee…and i love Opera vibes!!!!!

x0x0x0x0 Josh