14 May 2008

Counting for the days to be at home.

Hai fellas, it has been quite long for me to upgrade my blog. So busy with many things lately. My litter sister was around, then I involved with a conference then the busy to make love (this is the best part to make Ed- Gedix to feel envious about me and my love). He is sometimes a bit sentap (so nutty )Seem that my blog is pending with current craps of mine.Ok. here I am. Am writing some of experiences that I have had those few days. He is so “gedix semacam” with me lately. He is lack of zealous hugging ( kurang dakapan chinta katakan)!!

Within this week, I have watched forbidden kingdom- cool with lively 2 different cultures which are merged together to create a great action film, and what happened in Vegas- the romantic comedy of the month. I watched it with ‘pembuat kek” and am carving for it for more and more. Since now is semester break, so pembuat kek is away for a month and half during this school holiday. Sounds so poignant when another part of ur feeling is away for you. This is just a temptation for u to triumph over and be firm for the relationship. Well, that is the life paving which may come in discrepancy silhouettes.

I just got an information from my faculty and the literal date for my capitulation is on July. That’s mean that I will have 2 more months to settle everything. Due to last minute changes which make my writing to be changed almost 50% of this makes me so exceedingly out of my mind and I managed to revolutionize it (including the theory, methodology and question forms). Now, after having the respond from my supervisor, then there are only 20% of charges to be rephrased and amended. So, the next step is to work on the data. In fact, my supervisor has been promoted to be a deputy of Institute of Occidental Studies. This may limit my time to meet her up. Well, I guess the position she has may suit her desires (unmarried women tend to make her life as busy as they can so they wont feel so unfilled for nothing).

My mum called me up, she is so worried when my sister told her than I lost my weight radically. Well, I told her am losing my weight in a healthy way. By the way, am taking oat with low fat. Literally the advertisement tells us that this kind of oat will absorb the cholesterol in our body and by taking for a whole month will give you some results of losing weight. Well, I do keep on doing my exercises, work out and also strictly monitoring my diet plan. As our age is moving forward, the methobolisme in our body will dwindle so the body will easily out of it shape if a proper diet has not been taken seriously.

Am searching for the song “sempurna” by Andra & The Backbone. Its words is so magic to me. The song “sempurna” has two versions which are sang by Andra (with acoustic mode) and Gita Gutawa. Am not a vocal expert but then, technically, Gita Gutawa’s voice seems so to be nasal and her voice projection is not my type tho (using more nasal resonator I guess). Nonetheless, her phrasing which is reffering to "singing a line of music", is smooth at all and that is due her great breathing techniques. Besides that, here notes are clear and her high notes are sustained with full of energy and the voice sounds so rounded and unique to me. She has the ability to hold those long sustained notes and graduated from soft to loud beautifully and this ability does impressme. Just that to me her voice seems to be fake ( but no offence at all people, and forgive me if am wrong) or even sometime I think that her voice is too much supported by the studio technologies. So due to her “so called fake” the message which underline the song is hardly achieved or hardly attracts my emotion to be touched. Andra & the Backbone really plays a good job here (to me at least). I do feel the vibe and the words are so marvelous to me which is delivered via the acoustic mode and also the unique voice of the vocalist. His chest tessitura (vocal 'sweet range') is sweet to be heard and besides the voice sounds a bit hustle. Well, That all about music then. So, tonight I will start to squeeze my brain to read the comments from my supervisor and try to redo the writing within this week so I can fly back to Sarawak with a very great smile. By the way, to all my Form 5 (SPM 1999) Schoolmates, Formates and also Classmates, we are going to have a reunion in Kapit. Anything do let me know and the masterminds of this reunion are Julia and Rita. The theme is black and white. There probably will be a prom night tho.About the exact date, I have no idea and I will spread (tru my blog and my friendster) the news once I certainly know about it. So, anything do let me know if you people do have some quires which are tinged in your mind. Till then, happy weekdays!

Xoxoxox Josh