29 October 2010

am great

Hai peeps...

It’s 3am in the morning..and am still sober.
It would be due to my state of soberness coz i forced my self to over workout today. Just imagine that, i did micro vibration massage for an hour-and every single second my cell will be vibrated for 7k plus i did my zumba with my mates. What a wonderful day i have had, indeed. Does it sound worth?subjective reaction will come up to the surface.occay, let's divert this random writing into something which looks like a journal of my life- sound a bit more realistic to current update of mine and a bit punch of salt of urban monk, perhaps.

These few weeks, i was too exhausted. You might assume that am just a jerk- knows to complain yet others might have ample of free times to cackle and gulp of air? Please don’t get me off beam, this is not a complain just that it is a random expression from me. Well, if we be able to communicate with our stress and anger, it would be a productive catalyser for us to spur our creativity and productivity.

What makes me so busy like a bee lately? Well, our sales are fluctuating because of scores of reason- celebration, holiday and mega sale. So we need to engender a great effort within ourself and drive to the max. Frankly speaking, marketing and customer services are not that straightforward to be dealt with. Somtimes, serving those who have uncivilized attitude will make yourself become more antagonism within yourself. It sounds hard isn’t it? Off course. The most terrifying thing is you might drag yourself to in the equivalent level of attitude with them. Man, it is suck. Is they anything or clue i can use to get rid of such awkward attitude? It would be so melancholy to be so. Well, i take all such things as a process of learning in order to be more civilized and sensitive. Sometimes, people threat us like a shit and leave us with full of demanding reactions which sometimes sound so fucking outlandish to me. However, i still thanks to those clients who are very joint and responsive to the services they have form us. Thanks a lot people. Because of you kindness, we are still here to give the best to all of you. Back to then agenda of” why i was so busy”. So due to the extraneous causes and effects of dropping the sale, so we have to work very hard...and really hard. The fact that, the efforts we made today will be paid for the next 2-3 months to go. Wow, i make you clear right. So better do it now.
Occay, btw, i had mentioned t you before that we have organized our ONE EXPLORE RACE in Kuching. We had 6 groups of people and each of the group had at least minimum 3 people and maximum was 5 people. Tasks were so demanding where all of participants had to explore 5 checkpoints and each of the checkpoint required the participants to complete 4 tasks. Besides that, in order to reach each of those checkpoints, each group should be able to figure out all those clues so that they wouldn’t loss them self in middle of nowhere. Each of the group mustn’t bring their Handphone, wallet, and cash, except for their IC and Driving licence. Sounds hard isn’t it? I controled and handled the 4th checkpoint. My quests were:1. blind trail, creating a bracelet using previous will from the 3rd checkpoint,playing with flour and showing off their talent- sing in an opera style, dangdut,ballad and rock performance.Dare to join?

Out of blue, i miss my student’s life. I miss to study and my nocturnal too. What a life. In the midst of thought, i miss someone sincerely. Wondering if that particular person does miss me too. By the way, i miss my books, my schedule and lecture........PhD, here i come to your embrace.

After an arduous week, now, life begins like typical, and my routine starts at 11am until 10pm. Yes, it is normal. As a freelancer yet entrepreneur, that is a normal to us. Almost a year, i can get used to it now. I gain knowledge of a lot, scratch a lot, hurt& spoil so many times, blotch countless yet stretchy my self unlimited times for a journey i choose to do. Well, such rudimentary engender outcomes which would be pricey tho.

Oh ya, it nears to the end of year, and i need to get my self a suit for Gala Dinner and Dance on December, 2010. It is an international dinner and i have to get everything from hair to toe in a well and great arrangement and coordination by hook and crook. Why i am so fussy with such thing? i will be on the light tho. Well,will give u a long write up regarding such dinner. I give my word occay. So here, i hem in some pictures that i have during my frenzied days and night.

before the game begun..so here is the pose

they have the talent- to sing in an opera style...eat ur heart out fellas..

The 2nd runner up winner.. congrats guys.

a booth of Human Energize Station during Unimas Convocation

a mobile tester

yes, another mobile picture comes to you

kapit mobile station- doing their other part of "blessing in disguise port luck"


so, people, i will engrave again then.thanks for dropping by..
xoxoxo, Josh