18 January 2010

Do Ibans step to the world of modernity?

This question accidentally bumped into my head when I searched and read a blog which is located in www.uchukeling.com.weblog Generally, the impression of modernity does not only refer to the way we are dressing up, eating and memorizing the recipe of making a muffin or changing your set of choices from having “perkasam”-those who like it to “ apple pie cake” and say goodbye and u are not buying a return ticket in order to get back to ur previous menu, having a cuppa, mellow sandwich with tuna PLUS a spanking new ROSE on YOUR bed with ur antic tray- the common traits for those who are “JUST marriage…..This state of affair can be seen when u “put and paste” ur style until it match with those actors in an eminent drama series -Smallville? The more it in the track with the rhythm of western, the more Englishperson you will be. For me all the above features are the need of nowadays and they are not totally about the sense of social changing…Modernity can be classified as the sense of social changing and this concept can be refer to a situation where any changing is a MUST and needed coz we want to change human’s traits to from a DARK screen to a BRIGHT and and NICELY screen..Why am I using the word “screen”? yeah..this might make u be more assiduous and dizzy coz u might think that the word does not make sense to what I am trying to say…Here, screen is a place or situation where it is controlled by us and not by the nature. Besides, all the actors in the screen are also paid based on their performance in the screen. I say so because, in the screen , we are creating the policies and rules in order to maintain and bolster ur quality of life and we are satisfied via the policies and system we have made- if we are following the system so we will be fine and OK but if we are not, so we have to prepare a next plan in order to cope with turnaround events. However, the concept of modernity is more rooted in our mind-set and consequently rational thinking ..These two aspects help u much in order to be more established and realize that the world is not ROUND instead of imagining the silhouette of ur glob is OBLONG….so these two mechanics expand or rejuvenate our old brand and this make us form NOBODY to SOMEBODY…..This can be achieved by recalling back to what or our accentors have created for us so as to be abnormal person rather than a normal and flat person. Here I have found one of relics which is the main pillar and also the most important in Iban’s culture, social, psychological tenets. It is about the system of Iban’s writing system and this research is carried out by Dr. Bromely Philip from UITM Sarawak. It is so hard to comprehend and archaic. Can u just imagine how our assertors ( what ever system of writing do we have coz for sure in the past they are hardly similar to out Time New Roman) memorize various of symbols which represent different meaning during an epoch of DARK SCREEN? Can u imagine how many spaces does rain need to have at that time as the brain have to prepare 4 departments (in term of syntax, semantic, phonology and phonetic) only for a word. Have a look then I will get back to u later on…till then …adios amigos Barbados

Gender or Sex?

Why is feminism talked about so much? Why does it seem to be an important – sometimes the most important, and sometimes the only – factor to look at? Based on the ideas which are stated by Gilbert, i think the answers could be related with feminism and even more to do with the history of gender. Idea of gender happens in cultures where gender configurations undergo changes and budges. Here, the gender configuration refers to social meaning systems that encode sexual difference. Besides, the same is true about idea of race, economics or politic, etc. What’s more, these concepts are reevaluated when social practice shifts. As the result, gender or masculine and feminism qualities, or male and female social roles will come up as an area for us to analysis whenever gender roles are shifting. Besides, gender is often a major focus of deliberation and script when gender roles look as if to change in relation to all kind factors.

In nineteenth century, it also ever-present as a topic of study because of our capacity to deconstruct gender categories and also to defamiliarize what has formerly been seen as natural. In the nineteenth century in




, gender was considered as a matter of public discussion and disputation. Based on the writer’s standpoint, the idea of The Woman Question was focused on whether gender should be a factor in granting or limiting right. Also, it was focused attention on male and man social roles instead of questioning the nature and function of gender. Gender became a central feature of all cultures because gender stands as a differentiation on the basis of sex between social roles and functions labelled as masculine and feminine. Here, Gilbert categorizes the definition of feminism into three parts.

First, a feminist is referred to someone who is interested in studying and understanding gender as a system of cultural signs to sexually-dimorphic bodies and also who sees these cultural symbols that stand for gender as having a direct effect on our individual lives and social dealing.

Secondly, a feminist is also considered as someone who sees the gender systems presently in operation as structured by a basis opposition such as masculine and feminine idea. Usually, masculine always has indulgence over the other term and as the result enable men to get position of social power more often than women.

Lastly, a feminist is a person who thinks the above points are wrong and should be changed. This description makes feminism into a kind of academic pursuit, and gives a place to all feminist to study about gender relation. Besides, there is also a political side to feminism which not only to study and scrutinize it but to change it.

Michael Delahoyde also has his own standpoints about this theory which is feminism. Based on his point of views, Feminist literary criticism arises in conjunction with socio-political feminism, appraisals patriarchal language and literature by exposing how these mirror masculine ideology. Also, the term feminist examines gender politic in works and traces the subtle construction of masculinity and femininity. What’s more, feminists also focus on language chooses in any genres. For sure, there is stylistic difference in women’s writing compare to men’s masterpiece. The feminists also notice that women and men be predisposed to communicate differently.

As well, feminist criticism concerns itself with stereotypes depictions of genders. By tracing history of relatively unknown or underrated women writers, it can earn them their impartial place within the literary canon. It also able to help and construct a climate in which women’s ingenuity may be fully realized and appreciated.

So, for me, Gilbert clarifies feminism into three parts and states the environment of feminist theory which is related to certain issues such as biasness, political issues and gender. Michael also includes certain elements such as socio-political feminism, critiques, patriarchal language and literature which are related to the feminist literary criticism. In this sense, Feminist Theory is surrounded by various factors such as biasness, political demission, patriarchal and so forth. Again, Gilbert brings up that this state of affair will be crucial when our culture is able to think of construct and foreground all the issues about feminism and keeps it as a natural mental picture among our society. Thus our thought system and world will view the idea of construction as a various system or as created. In this sense, our culture views that gender category as not a natural or eternal category but it is alterable.

This state of affair shows that women try to express their experience and their role in literary works by composing their own style of writing to illustrate everything under the sun. Conversely, in male’s writing, each word seems to jump from one stanza to another stanza. (Male’s poem- why this can be happened? do read my 1st blog). Conversely, in male’s writing, each word seems to jump from one stanza to another stanza. The connection which bound it up is vogue compare to women’s masterpieces. What’s more, the tone of poem seems to be more colourful and soft.

From my point of view, i am able to see and determine ( i do not mean to show off, but i just want to share what i know about some issues which circulate around the world of gender and i hope that all of you are in the same shoe i do- little bit about the gender in writing,) the role of female in female’s literary work and also in male’s literary work by using such elements, Again the issues of biasness hardly avoid in any literary works. So, again we back to the dirt, why? because, we cannot run from the emblem of gender in our daily routine. And u still do not agree with me, do you? Well, why is SO IMPORTANT TO HAVE the theory of FEMINISM in human epistles?

x0x0x0x Josh