5 February 2011

Extensive 24 hours per day??anyone want to get extra?

Hola people, it has been quit long for me not to do some writing for the whole month of January and it is ashame to me tho. And it is quite shame on me for the 1st time i do my blogging. Well, am still here and kicking just that am too pack with my new schedule. Ok, what i have done some far?;-
1. currently i am ( still) busy doing my marketing and advertising regarding my wellness market. So for those who have problems will health and insist of having alternative therapy, you can opt to seek me for FREE CONSULTANCY. If you, or u may know those who are suffering with the decline of immune, nerve, circulatory, digestive, urinary, skeleton n bone, tissue,, and acidic blood, breathing system, do let me know. No harm to try others therapy and mind you, our therapies are covered up with Ringgit Malaysia, 3 million if cause to your health deterioration.

2. currently i am still teaching at a language center here. It sucks my time a lot and i need to settle everything before i can focus more on my wellness consultancy and agency- it sucks my investment tho so, a big NO for me to let it goes.
3. presently, am do busy to do our business planning and involve in customer services, business development so now my partners and i will get ourself ready to prepare few events to tackle the market, human development, training and motivation, and to apply Blue Ocean Strategies in order to sustain ourselves in this industry. Man, i tell u, all these days, suck my emotion and freedom cubicles tho! Mind you.
4. read more on business management and other technical aspects. Am not from business background yet i do have extensive practical experiences which related to marketing, advertising promotion, motivation and also business analysis rather than dealing with other technical things such as tax, accounting and finance. For such affair, i need to fill those gaps so i wont leave behind with other competitors. Man, i lost my wight due to this coz 24hours seem to be insignificant to me, lately. ell, i have 5 more months to go before i can check my self about my personal development.
5. keep my self with healthy physical activities so i can keep fit as usual and this would be an added value for me as am a front-liner for wellness markets.

well, i do have few updates with you, my silent readers. By the way, we have just announced our ONE Biggest Loser Challange and she wins Ringgit Malaysia 2 thousand and a package of sliming consultancy which worth rm 500 ONLY! tell me, where the hell you might get these super offer?

Till then, i will blog later so i will keep in touch with u with some new pictures.

Happy Chinese New Year to my family, to my relatives and not to forget to my friends and clients. Have a blessing year and do come back into a whole piece after the holidays. Keep fit, keep healthy and keep happy..cheers!!!
xooxox, JOSH