16 February 2008

Wilhelm Kempff plays Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata mvt. 3

Another more theory…

Holla all.My mind is a bit congested but still sober as usual. Today, I master 50% of music theory. Fuh, at least I can read some notes here and don’t try to guess weather I can compose a song – which means in more theoretical and pragmatic ways, I guess I am still at the department of polemic to do so. Lots more things to be studied and understand. Well, once I guess I am ready to put lot more effort to study something am looking forward to – studying about music, then I will make another avowal here. This Video clip is nice but then am still confusing about its time signature before it goes to the other notes. Does it 3 :4 or
4 : 4? As far as i concern, only waltz will have 3:4 and the rest surely will have 4:4.

well, it needs lot more earing practices. Till then, enjoy the clip.

xoxoxo Josh

John Lennon stand by me

i love this acoustic song. I wish i can master all its keys. Indeed, acoustic impresses me tremendously and am just in the rudimentary level. So, this is so placid for being the theme of this valentine cycle. Guess this song is not too old to be heard but i find it is so congenial to me. Here i am, sharing what i have here with all of you dear gentel readers.

xoxoxoxo Josh