14 December 2010

magical week

holaa pees..

thanks for visiting me here.

i was so busy for a whole week and hardly to have time to engrave something here..

my last weeks was like a magical week to me.
So wonderful and fabulous..

so many things happened and i share a lot about life, truly love and friendship. I can see who makes the best effort too love, care and share a great life throughout a friendship with me.

Being cheated, being cared and loved share and portray different ambiance to me yet projected a true and reality color of life! Yes, what ever it takes and starts with, i can take it from there..let;s see how life goes.

here is the picture we have for last week. a magical week as in conjunction with XMAS calling!

can you spot me?

a family's portrait

Syafinaz with her muse and placid tone..bravo!

we present to you the E-MERCHANT to all entrepreneurs

it was sparano time!

all beauty ladies and hot guys who you die to wish for!

all of us....

is this ok to you?

when colour plays it part and the result is as above!

okies people, let's smile with ur full of heart's content

mixing taste and tune

ho ho ho...have a blast day and weeks people..

xoxoxox Josh