9 June 2011

wild with me for nothing...thought is coming for unspoken meanings

Never take something but a picture, never leave a thing but a footprint and never keep a thing but a memory

Title is quite catchy right? Yes, it is purposely to be so. A light phrase or phrases will do to make people being impressed even they are just about to read the headline. Okies, it was quite a very long time I didn’t engrave something from my soul. At the first place, this blog is meant to be a hub of my wild and random thought. Perhaps I used to write in so called- directed writing, yet it sounds too heavy for a blog like this. Meaning that, the concept of this blog and also the purpose of it is not really shared some common elements. Barely they are not interconnected at all, at the first glance. Okies, enough about that. Let’s me share with you what do I have during Gyawai Celebration.

This year, my Gawai would be as plain as it is. Nothing more than that. By taking this opportunity (seems that I don’t know when will I do next update to this blog until god knows when) so I would like to wish you, those who are celebrating Gawai, literally or vice versa, Happy Gawai Dayak, with abundant of health and live longer( gayu guru gerai nyamai ngagai semua bala kaban belayan). Oh ya, this end of month I will be back to Kuching. I have an appointment for my consultancy. Eager to make more effective sale as we used to be. When I was in my previous employers, my team and 1 managed to generate at least 10k sales per month. Really felt great! Maria, if you read this, I want those courage and guts back. That why I really fall in love in cooperate worlds. As I recalled back to the memory lane where I supposed to be, the day I entered campus life, I thought that I would be a lawyer, then ended up to take English Language and Translation studies as my forte, for 3 years. Then, the day I preferred to take Masters in IT, yet I ended up my self with Urban Planning and development. Well, life is not as easy as we thought tho. Now, I fall in love with consultant industry as I involve my self in Wellness consultant and Audit Software consuotancy. As for today, I have been in cooperate world, consultant and business development to be exact, for merely 3years and teaching for about 3 years too.Not to mention other freelance jobs that I have done- translation services, English classes and also doing event management as well as becoming a speaker and Mc. Well, that would be a very nice experiences that ever have. Thanks to all of my universe attraction- family, friends, relatives and positives vibes and thoughts’ grew up because of this and yet I am still.

Okies, enough said, about those mild expression, let we have something which is more directed, shall we?Okies, I have something to be shared with you randomly, just to release some part of the brain from being so tight. So , come breath deeply so you can pump in much more oxygen to the blood so you , at the end of the day, will be able to flash out all those toxics from the entire body. Believe me, Seeing and Believing is collided at the same point of thought.

Let’s me share something with you about this picture

A solely glass of tea with no flavor.

Shoot me with any ideas how to describe this pic?

A good kick start for us to start our working day so can keep our self become sober all the time.

For me, it is a cup of tea without any spectacular elements yet I may look lit as dull as it is but that is an pre-judment that I made unwisely which makes me look so terrible. Reason? Because, I didn’t use all my literacy devices to do a wise judgment rather than I include personal judgment. Gosh, where all those literacy that our education has been embedded in the curriculum? Read, listen, calculate. Let me explain to who how these item will work for a truly judgment.

1.Read, literally read the picture tru its existence rather than appearance – a very plain substance yet it is a solid water without any preservatives. This what is needed by the body. 70% of the body comes from fluid tho.The less additional taste will be much more better for daily consuming unless we go for luxury taste and purpose.

2. Listen, do listen to we do have nowadays, perhaps in health and wellness. How many people, who are at the very young age have high sugar and colestrol lever? Not to mention the deposition of fat in those arteries. Including me, I had 15% of the deposition even though I watch out my diet strictly. This can be due to lifestyles- diet, emotion n stress management, and genetic( genetic?am not really sure yet do correct me if am wrong).So people, let the world talks to you, be alert and be responsive to what we listen, especially when it talks about live longer issue.

3.Calulate, do calculate where is the need and the desire to treat your self right? Am talking about healthy, of course. Yes, some people keep on trying very hard to make sure that they are healthy yet, there is less action to be done. Be a good slower to a good route of healthy life style as long as you consistent.Remember people, calculate what ever you do in life, the risk and the strength that you might have at the end of the day in what ever you do.

~just an evening view from our office, Cyberjaya

~inside the pantry in our office, i so found this, and the taste is "unknown"

til the,