10 May 2007

It's almost 3 in the morning

Hai fellas, it's almost 3 in the morning and am listening to one of the lates songs by Gwen Stefani. She is hot and i do astonished by her amazing vocal. Oh ya, the background of today is "4 IN THE MORNING", Nice song and you all should listen for it. What did u up today? Erm, nothing much here, but today i am still working on my journals which i need to dig and dig all books and current online Journals, in order to complete my literature reviews and to match the theory which is used. Well, i do love to do this tho. Oh ya, one of my ex-students will start to work next coming month. Gosh, she texted me and i do feel glad for her. Thumb up to Nurul. Well, that is her efforts tho. She said that i am the great teacher. Actually, she was one of my students who was taking Public Speaking course and she said she managed to get the job as she applied what she got during classes. Well, i can be a great teacher to talk with public but then i will be fucking blur or freeze while talking to someone that is or gonna be closed to me. Well, you bet. Erm, time is up then, need to end this blog as i am dam fucking famish. Brain works with non limits and it is time to obscure some "rejuvenate portion- supper activities, for next "brain squeezing" activity Till then, enjoy the song from Gwen by clicking the link below

x0x0x0x0x Josh :)