3 January 2008

Ruang Rindu

I love this song. So romantic and the vibes really work with the voice and the sence. While writing a post 'New year 2008' the tune plays my heart and i feel i miss lot of people. This is the second time i have posted this video clip. Listening to this i miss my Family, close frends, my late grandma, and someone i adore, really i am even sometime i sound silly to express this missing thing.

xoxoxoxo Josh

Welcome on board 2008...

Happy new year people…

A bit late for me to acknowledge the year of 2008 in my blog. Well, I was late to do so for 2 days. Ok, no harm for that. It is just because I need time to keep my self in a cool depiction. Nah, I am still a live and well. Thank god coz I do have another opportunity to see the sun again as in years before. It is 2008, and now am 25 year old and 3 days after the date of commitment (every 31 December). Again, even not all dreams are fully achieved but then I still happy with what I am. Just a short recap what I have done throughout 07;-

1. I lost my grandma on August
2. Being solo again and it caused me tears (unbelievable as I admitted it)
3. My Master thesis is still in progressing
4. I have resigned from my previous job and now am doing something new (which is not in teaching line anymore)
5. Carrying out my desires to stand still for the career am trying to do and build with the aim of having the same level as other human beings in term of health, financial, emotional (Ed, sorry for these quotations and thanks for these ideas), happiness than sadness and joy.

The above lists sound not that bad huh. I mean I am not that worse just that my thesis is not completed on time as I need another one more semester to do. Gosh, it causes me cash! People talk about their new resolution when a new year comes to the surface. Well, not to say that by doing so causes u to be called as ‘blue eyes” but that can help you to be more levelheaded to your surrounding, above all, the mistake you have in past and how are you going to tackle the mistakes order to lessen the sense of guilty and burden you may feel due to the mistake? Human is imperfect tho. Talking about this, I know a run of the mill dude and he is darn fucking haughty and supercilious. He says he wants to give critic but hardly to accept other judgments toward him. He says he is a perfectionist and he indubitably can alive if he is given a compass and a map in the misty of nowhere. Sounds so blue eyes doesn’t he? Then I said one thing to him “ to be a perfectionist is to know and do something more great and logical that others which that portray your perfectionism. By accepting other ideas and combine it with your “so called and fucking great ideas’ makes you much more better than the 1st day you have been critiqued. Just don’t be so arrogant coz if u are too good people will not praise you for that rather than actively stab on ur back. The last word I gave to him is ‘how good u are and this makes u to proud of ur seft but then u are still working as a blue-collar then go to a mirror and analyze your self if you are really maximize the sense of ur brainy to the fullest.

During the New year Eve, i had these kind of junk foods as my meal. Sounds sad huh. Gosh, tetiba rasa bersalah terhadap diri sendiri sebab kena ambik ni as my dinner. Hitting to the trackmill le for the next day..These are one of Shakey's restorant products. I like the burger as the meat is juicy and mouth-watering to me yet the chicken is so unhealthy prepared (coz the colestrol layers are not that fried good enough. It was not that crispy!So evil to my diet plan)!

Ok, cut that crap. This year I want to do something which may be a bit different from last previous years

1.I want to have a sport car, at least for my this year birthday present.

2.I want to have great holidays with my parents abroad, perhaps during winter.

3.I hope I do still have strenght to do a PhD this coming June.

4.Lover Chaser , have a sporting ones ( and i try my best to be sporting) and I really want to commit ..ahahah.

5.I want to upgrade my knowledge by reading more and more books so I don’t feel that am so dumb when interact with people coz my current job need me to expend my communication discourse( hey, doesn’t mean that beforehand I dont like to read. Well, my reading menu covers wide spectrums namely it Education, development, Art, Technology, Economic, Tourism, Food, landscape, Crime and Politic, healthy and medicine, history, globalization but I am not interested to read whatever thing related to Investment or currency :D)

6.Work hard and smart.

7.More healthy, merry, joy and have a pleasant heart (be the flow to the people rather than follow the flow but if u have to follow his or her flow then do it with a smart strategy)
Be bounded with my lost, old and new friends regardless age, sex, status and race (read up for my Capricorn traits then they may give u a clue about what kind of person I am) .

8. Keep more fit and fit with a good diet plan( even now am a bit "occay" with half of Veg menu).
9. Living in a cool n peace place os i can spread more love than before..hehe..

Ok, that all for today.~missing someone ~ but then I try to keep this at a lower tone.

Till then, take care all…my love and peace will belong to u all

xoxoxoxoxo Josh