1 October 2007

Am smilling all day long..

Recap for Sunday- Monday (today)

My buddies- 4 of them, and I went to Mines to have “wayang” time. Chuck and Larry was picked to be our “menu” for that day. Supposed to watch white noise but the ticket for the movie was sold out. Macam loteri pulak. But aint give lot of grievance much as the movie is cool, far-fetched and side-splitting yet it has realistic issue to be addressed by the world of globalization. It is about friendship, human right and social support. Without these, the concept of “anomie” will come out and this will kill the human kind. If you want to know more about “anomie” then try to search it from the internet or try to ready Durkheim’s work. He is an anthropologist. I am currently reading his book fopr pleasure. Hehehehe. Okies, that all about the movie.

Monday-today, I went to Dental Clinic. Besides that, my college is having elaction week so you can imagine how pack and busy the situation. But i made my way straight to Dental Department. I was overslept and i supposed to be the 1st patient. Luckly the clinic was not that crowded. I made an appointment a month ago. It is just to fix my front teeth. The teeth was chinked because of stupid leathery beef. Sounds asshole huh? huhuhu. I lost my confident to smile and meet others. Hardly to sustain my self-assured within a month while waiting the appointed date. Finally it is over! Gosh. I have to wait another month to fix some of my teeth. We have 2 doctors in duty and to my surprise, once we hit our age starting 20s we keen to make dental checking as a routine compared to us when we was a kid! Dentist was ‘inhuman’ at that particular of time . But now, starting with the age of 20s, people are getting knack of having good look and smile to burst and patch up their confident and dentist is become a friend who keeps their beauty. Hahah. I used to do dental checking once a year. Can I say, beauty is pain? Yeah it is. But I guess girls have it more than men. Glad to be a boy! Okies, I have no ideas to nag. I am hungry….yeah…will get back to you once I get my brain is filled with many ideas to be went halves. Even I can feel the pain on my gum but finaly I stepped out along the paving with a long and nice smile- perasan kejap

Xoxoxox Josh