25 April 2011

Mode: When human talk about what a feeling feels like

Silent readers,

How does it feel when out of nowhere there is something knocking your emotional state for no reason? Running out of any diagnosis right? Frustrated or devastated? Which one is your forte?

Yeah, that is the state am having now.

Within 56 weeks in a year, that is for sure tho, out of nowhere you might happen to have such stupid delusion which may not work for me, i mean it may nit affect my productivity.

Okies, talking about productivity, am off to my home now. Along the way, am listening to Home by Michel Bubble.What a nice and placid tune, indeed!

Will be off until Monday and working cubicle is waiting on Tuesday onwards. I will miss the Center, in future, and i hope everything will be fine. It is not that harm to keep away such sence of empathy while we are engraving the future "hold".

For sure some of you may ask " when such state of emotion comes straight away to my nose, what will i do?

now am having few states of hallucination about beaches, beautiful rivers and hill for tracking, pin ball activities? or something like, having any extreme adventures indulgence such as, joining parachute activities, driving a helicopter or something which are related to air! The lower cost will be- cooking, can be fine too. ;)

Well, people, i will keep you guys updated in some other writing. Oh ya, by the way we do have some health promotion tho, and do come and in form me if you guys need any assistant for your wellness awareness.

Attention: we do have a wellness booth in Kuching, Sarawak (Malaysia), at Seberkas Shopping Mall( to be exact), do come and pay us a visit for FREE therapy of Wellness Energize FOR A GOOD HEALTH!

Days: Monday to Wednesday (25th april to 27 april)

times: 11am til 9pm

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Special info: we are looking for wellness agent too!! young heart and dynamic personality are welcomed to join us!

here are some glimpses of wild anti depression releases which may not suitable to be viewed by juniors.

yet, come and see the beauty of the world by looking this colorful and unique living..i likeyyyy

xoxox Josh