12 June 2012

There is nothing has a FullStop, so does life

 Today,am feel so great for being i my self.Today, this entry will engrave something related to rural scenery. Agreed  to follow me till the end?
Am kinda addicted to  a green and natural-like space. So, this recent festival of Sarawak- Gawai Festival, i had so much joy and jovial. Yes it is a tradition or cultural symbolic to all  indigenous people in Sarawak( also known as Borneo) even thought they are christian. In fact, in Sarawak, Gawai is much more happening compared to Christmas, especially in rural or sub-urban area. However, in many urban areas, Christmas means a whole world feeling.

This year, Gawai Festival is so colourful for me. All relatives are united together and during the first day till the third day of Gawai , all of us are equipped with  so much great activities and it is fun. So i have spent my a whole week to celebrate this Gawai. I really had my quality of time with my family and relatives. 

So all the way to my village i managed to take few snaps of my selected scenery.

Me, at the upstream

Welcome to my Village

This is one of the main courses during Gawai, it can be chicken or pork or lamb. Roasted traditionally with no extra flavour. So authentic!The sauce make it feels like heaven.

Our Fresh Yard with good smell of Vege.

Each life has its own drop of journey?

Ok, my place is quite a remote area. Where the main commercial networking will be using a river so a quest for us to come over to this place is to get in into a boat and sail it all the way to the upstream from the town. It takes 40 minutes. Gosh, dare to feel and experience it? Sailing or have you yourself in a boat may not be or feel the same as you are in the rapid upstream and challenging environment. As am growing, now am more to nature and heritage lover. It is not just for the sake of being  at home yet to feel and grasp all sense of travelling and heading over to the top of  rapid stream.
Every year, we will be at our village only during Gawai celebration and spend a week or two then life back to normal as everyone will back to their normal routine and life.

For me, Gawai celebration is not merely a religion yet it is a cultural custom which is embedded in evey Dayak ( ingenious people) who has diffident walk of life. Previously, before the emerging of Christianity in Sarawak, every Dayak will practice some sort of traditional activities for the sake of appreciation to the mother of nature for the blessing of becoming good, healthy and wealthy. Most of  them are a farmer or peasant  so their life are very connected to their surrounding. They believe to the dream as a bridge for them to communicate with the mother nature. What a life. It may sound as telepathy isn't it?
Well, as am walking over the each of those moments i keep my self stay jovial. Wine and dine was so fantastic. Those traditional delicacies as well as fantastic red meats  are served nicely and perfectly with those great wines and liquor. A great moment, indeed. Traditional wine made by Dayak is called as Tuak- made with with sugar as well as gluttonous (a.k.a Dayak Wine) traditionally prepared with love and tender.

There are so much fun to be revealed here purposely for Gawai. For more detail, you can google it then.

 One question before leaving:Why am i so freaky mad about going back to home? Coz am hardcore addicted to Kampua Mee- you can only get this in Sarawak or Borneo only.Check this out!

So, till then iwill get back to you guys with some other exciting posts.Carving more for other posts, mate!