5 September 2007

Faith Hill - Breathe

Just breath

Just Breath

Today, it is quite a lovely evening. Am listening to Faith Hill- Breath. The scence of the video clip is so eye-catching to me and i deem this because now, a part of listening to this song i am enjoying the likeness of sunset and the nightfall of this evening which is straight flaunted to my eyes. Then i realize that, am proud of having myseft here. I mean the innocaious of space that i have now is so unbelieveable and i darn glad that i can enjoy and renjoy the beautiful of god's creation. I love sunset and sunrise as both is so boisterous and it is the utmost of scene that god has made to us to be appreciated. The view makes me to fall in love easily when there is a correct attitde toward the person i like! Such a lame proclamation tho. If i had a chance, i would like to have a wedding where i can see the sunset. Using garden concept? i guess that is so prefect! So , those who wants to tackle me (perasan kejap) dont you ever take this into account when we talk about love while in these sence. Talking about romantic, a friend of mine is getting married. He is a very good buddy of mine since my Upper secondary period. Go to play snooker together, go pub together, hook up at colin's place till all night long together. He is mature than his age! After graduation from college, then all of us seem to be "fallen apart". Ilat Stoney used to tell me about this.The more older we are , the more detach we will be. I know how he feels as now he is teaching at rural school then no entertaiment plus great buddies are not arround. How i miss that moment! Thinking about this makes us feel more to appreciate each other while meeting up with together. I went to my place last week, then to my supprise, i even did not manage to meet up with my close buddies! As there were not even there. As my emergency holiday was just a week and a half, it was not that enough to hook up then. Well, dude, thanks coz let me know during the last minute and that was so throbing dude. You owe me this!! Fedy Jackson, hope we can have a bachelor night before u get ur weeding ring. Sure his fiance is hot u guess as this dude is hardly to get attached with any girls. Okeis. bravo to you dude and joys will be next to you all the day you and ur spouse are being together as one now and future.

Okies, the above pic was taken in 2002 i guess. As you can see, that was just a part of our close companies. I do still remember when we used to go to a mall in a group of 14 and all of us are very close company to each other. We went to the mall before the day we had our STPM. Gosh, it was so a far-fecthed moment. Okies, as u can see from the pic, 4 out of 10 are seriously attcheded- from the left to the right: K.Moi is attached to somebody, Bonney lee is a married man now, Winne is also attached and the same thing goes to Julia, then Feddy. The rest are still bachelor. So, who will be the next and to be voted as the next counterpart as those four? The god will show his reprisal for the above quest.Till then, signing off


To those who are going to get a knot, well, listen to the above song and it may help you to understand more and appreciate the love you have. Happlly ever after fellas

xoxoxox, Josh