2 August 2012

There is a day when..it is always a day..

 The is a day when someone like “ anyone who wishes to be someone”  really falls in love with what people do in some circumstances. Just take an example, for sure, there is always a day when you might think that you are wrong yet you are definitely right, ironically, at the first place. Who is the lucky person for this imagery?

There is a day, when you are having a tone of candy that it is so vinegary. The taste might be bizarre, yet that is the veracity. No matter how hard it is, there are no short cuts for you to steer clear of it. Face it and walk on it. Who is this then?

There is a day, when a boy is becoming a poet of his life.  He recites his entire story telling about his life journey with different tune of music and beats. The reciting is for he himself! Mind you. Each reciting projects different beats which represents the each journey of life in different peaks and time space. His poems of life may portray Life and death, Romeo and Juliet or Adam and Eve. Just read between the lines then you will know the mood of his story telling. So, who this person will be? At least to you

There is a day, when a man is not taking any road to his life. He seems to be blurry and can’t think straight and picture what he wants to be, what he wishes to be. I bet that it is so dry for him. That’s feeling might not in his menu of life yet does he have any other options? To be exact, a good option? And who this person will be?

There is a day when there where we keen to be provoked to engage with an argument of life and we can resist to avoid it. In fact we are so struggling to stand a chance to win the argument. For marketing, sale and in organization, winning an argument rewards you nothing! It will end up with abhorrence and dissatisfaction at all. Most probably this is something to be treated as “ yewww”. Who this will be?

There is a day, when someone who is playing his fingers and softly articulating his mind thru the connection of the  self conscious  and the “haywire state”  to  bring into being some words that sound simple and lighten up your mind. A very light reading . Who is this? It is me!

As you can see, i spent my weekend to go to a remote area with  a friend of mine, Anna.
We went to Majau area which is under Kapit District, in Sarawak.It is my first time to experience this and it is so darn adventurous journey! Am looking forward  for this and more to come, in future, i hope.

 If you are from X generation, in the era of 80s, then this will be so famous  to you. A snack which can be found around at any shops. All the way down to Majau, i stumbled my self to a mini shop near to a river. Looking at this snack, it makes me drooling. It may not that catchy yet the taste is so Epic! I may sound cliche to you hence, i admit that the taste bud of it really bent me down, bebe! Back to a memory lane of me, it was being sold as 10 cent yet now, after 25 years later it is 20 cent per pack. That is the power of money leveraging, fellas.

Till then,

Have a nice day fellas.

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